Thursday, March 29, 2012

AMEB Grade 3 List B - Sonatina in F, 1st movement

Beethoven was a pretty messy guy in real life. He always had stuff lying around all through his house and went around in really wrinkly clothes. But, you have to give it to him - he could write a very neat little tune. Check it out:

Sonatina in F, 1st movement - Ludwig van Beethoven

Monday, March 26, 2012

ANZCA Grade 5 Classical Study Fest

Feelin' a bit Classical? Like you want to learn something that will make you AMAZING at one particular aspect of piano playing? Sonething that sounds REALLY impressive? Yeah, I thought so.

Here's a few studies people have put on Youtube from the ANZCA Classical syllabus. Grade 5 Modern piano people can pick one of these tunes to play for their exam, or even just to learn for fun.

  • C. Czerny - Study Op. 299 No. 6
  • C. Czerny - Study Op. 299 No. 7
  • S. Heller - Study Op. 45 No. 12
  • S. Heller - Study Op. 45 No. 13
  • S. Heller - Study Op. 46 No. 7
  • S. Heller - Study Op. 46 No. 8
  • S. Heller - Study Op. 46 No. 12
  • S. Heller - Study Op 47 No. 14

    Image by Wilhelm Busch - from
  • ANZCA Modern Grade 5 Boogie - Meet Frankie and Johnny

    According to Wikipedia, the song Frankie and Johnny is about a murder, but, hey, don't let that put you off - we're just meeting them in this tune... this is a sprightly Boogie Woogie in Twelve Bar Blues form with an introduction and a coda.

    I chose a diner as the picture because there's a movie out there called Frankie and Johnny and it's set around a diner (I think). I haven't seen that movie. One day I'll get around to it.

    Meet Frankie and Johnny - Gerald Martin

    Tuesday, March 20, 2012

    ANZCA Modern Grade 7 Boogie - Dark Eyes Boogie

    After recording a huge number of Grade 5 pieces, I thought it was about time to record a Grade 7 tune. Those of you not up to Grade 7 yet might be curious about how a Grade 7 piece sounds. I have to let you know, I did make a tiny boo boo - near the end, one part should be up an octave in the right hand, but as usual I was completely unobservant and missed the direction written clearly above the music. Nevertheless, this rendition will give you an idea about whether you'd like to learn the piece or not.

    This one is not in your typical Twelve Bar Blues form as so many boogies are. It's kind of in its own unique form. The melody is based on a Russian folk tune.


    Dark Eyes Boogie - Gerald Martin